Silicon Valley

Teleworking Revolutionizes Silicon Valley

In recent weeks, most of California’s tech giants have made huge bets on telecommuting. Companies like Facebook or Twitter already have most of their employees working from home, and it doesn’t seem like it’s going to be a punctual thing.

Silicon Valley

The COVID19 crisis has caused a forced and fast revolution towards a new way of understanding work. Confinement measures throughout the world have made thousands of companies opt for teleworking to preserve the health of their employees and business. It seems that, after years of considering whether telecommuting is viable or not, or whether it is profitable or not, now there is no doubt that it is more than feasible. This could spark a new revolution in our work culture, and it seems to be brewing in Silicon Valley.

Revolution from California

Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, confirmed in early May that the company would begin to “aggressively open up remote contracting” in July. A measure that, although it has been precipitated due to the current context, had been on the table for a long time. Zuckerberg is clear that he wants to install a new work culture on Facebook, and that is that he wants at least half of his employees to do the majority of work outside the office in the next five to 10 years.

He has not been the only one who has taken this measure in the famous and technological region of California. Google has also done it, and Sundar Pichai announced that it would maintain its work from home policy until the end of the year, although those who need to return to the offices will be able to do so from July.

However, telecommuting is not all rosy. In fact, Google has had a curious experience, and that is that on May 22, the company decided to give its workers a day off in response to the exhaustion and stress that its employees were experiencing.

It is not easy to change your telework culture, and that is why it is important that you follow some tips so that stress and overtime do not end up taking their toll. It is essential that you follow certain habits and routines, and that, in addition, you reserve some moments of rest and disconnection. Surely it is great for you to know the Movistar apps, where you have a lot of activities such as yoga exercises, entertainment and other experiences.

Twitter is the pioneer and Apple the exception

Returning to the sunny beaches of California, another company that has taken the first steps in this change of culture has been Twitter. In a statement collected in AFP, a representative of the social network pointed out that “if our employees have a function and a situation that allows them to work from home and they want to do it indefinitely, we will allow it to be possible.”

In addition, giants such as Microsoft or Amazon, which are among the more than 30 companies that opted for telecommuting at the end of February, are joining this change. Although it should be noted that, among all these bets on telecommuting, Apple is being the exception. The North American company seems not to be very happy with the model, and they are not getting the expected results. One of its main problems, security and leaks.

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voice assistant

How a Voice Assistant Can Help Covid-19 Patients

The AI-based voice assistant AlloCovid has been launched in France to assist coronavirus patients. In order to improve the telephone assistance of patients with Covid-19 or with symptoms, a voice system based on artificial intelligence has been developed in France. This is AlloCovid, which answers calls from people with symptoms. In this way, it lightens the burden of call centres or the health services themselves that attend by telephone.

voice assistant

The system is a development of the Inserm research institute, the University of Paris and the national railway company SNCF. AlloCovid is trained to ask callers questions for information. Their goal is to know what the symptoms are and their severity. To this, we must add the previous pathologies and other relevant medical data, which the assistant asks for.

As soon as the conversation begins, AlloCovid asks the user for their zip code and starts asking them questions. At all times it is an anonymous chat since the interlocutor does not need to give his name. The system is capable of handling up to 1,000 calls at the same time.

When AlloCovid knows the seriousness of the case, it gives the necessary indications or redirects the call to a professional. It is a formula that offers service especially for the elderly. This more vulnerable group of the population often has difficulties using a self-assessment app.

Ease the burden of care

In these weeks when the burden of health services has been enormous, ways of relief have been sought. One of them has been the call centre that provided a quick way to briefly evaluate a person. They could offer some basic recommendations.

Applications for self-evaluation have also been launched, following the same protocol. Even health workers who couldn’t work in hospitals have been on the phone for remote consultations. Attempts have also been made to introduce artificial intelligence to filter patients or determine the spread of disease. At the same time that in some places they have used autonomous machines to reduce the exposure of the toilets to contagion.

Background on Skype

How To Customize Background For Skype Video Calls

Among the many advantages of Zoom and Skype, you can change your background to show a bookshelf, a natural space or a cartoon. Let’s see how. You will have seen it on several occasions if you are a regular at video calls. Co-workers, friends or family who make a video call with you and who show funny images in the background or, on the contrary, a bookstore or a stylish background.

Background on Skype

If you do not want to show what is behind you during a video call and you cannot be in a place without a background, you can put makeup on it thanks to the technology that integrates free popular video call tools such as Zoom or Skype.

You only need to activate this function in Zoom or Skype and what is behind you will change like magic. You only have to choose an image from those available or your own photograph or from the Internet.

Change Background in Zoom

There are two ways to change the background in Zoom. Before starting the video call, you must go to the application settings and go to the Virtual background section. There you will see a preview. You can also choose one of the images or videos available or add your own.

You can also change the background in Zoom during a video call. By clicking on the dropdown to the right of Video, you will see the option Change background … or similar. Choose a background from those available or add one from your device.

As for the necessary requirements. The image must be a 16: 9 aspect ratio. It can be 1280 pixels by 720 pixels or 1920 pixels by 1080 pixels. Otherwise, virtual backdrops are available in Zoom latest versions for Windows, Mac and Linux. You can also use it on the iPhone and iPad. At the moment it works neither in the Web version nor in the Android version.

Change Background on Skype

To change the background in Skype you will need to have the latest version of Skype for Windows, Mac and Linux. In the online version, it is not yet implemented.

WhatsApp Multi-Device Mode

How Does WhatsApp Multi-Device Mode Work

The instant messaging application always brings numerous updates in its updates. Soon, WhatsApp will have the multi-device mode that will be a revolution for this application that is used by millions of people around the world.

WhatsApp Multi-Device Mode

WhatsApp was considered a single-platform application, but in 2015 the mentality changed with the appearance of WhatsApp Web. At that moment, the messaging application worked with our smartphone and synchronized with the computer. The next step is for multi-device mode to kick in.

This idea has been in the minds of the developers of the application for a year and after a while, the members of WhatsApp have confirmed that it will have the multi-device mode. Keep in mind that this confirmation has been made through the FAQ section of its website.

An Arrival With Mystery

The advent of multidevice mode was part of the rumour mill for a long time. On the page we mentioned earlier, there are two entries that mention arrival in this way.

For now, these entries do not have any text inside, but they include the titles of these modes for Android and iOS. It may be an error on the part of WhatsApp, but what is clear is that it will arrive soon on our mobile devices.

What is New in The New Update?

Currently, we can use this application on two devices: one is our mobile or tablet and the other on the computer via the web. But we can only do it on two supports at the same time, in case you wanted to log in to another device, the version you previously activated would be closed.

With the new update, it will allow users, in principle, to use four devices at the same time. This information was leaked by WaBetaInfo and it should be noted that there may be modifications before its release.

Of course, in case we use this mode, the application will recommend that we use the WiFi connection to log in to other media. We can also establish a connection using mobile data.

Many of you will wonder how these logins will be carried out and the answer is very simple since it will be necessary to scan a QR code.

Another detail to take into account is that it will not be necessary to keep the main device on and connected and therefore they will use greater security through changes in the encryption keys. This means that the application will use its end-to-end encryption with the difference that it will be decrypted on several devices instead of just one.